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My Journey in Pottery

My first encounter with clay was over 50 years ago when I attended an evening class taught by Mildred Slatter, I spent 3 years at her classes learning the basics of throwing on a stand up kick wheel. In 1961 I was married and travelling from Marlow to Chiswick to work in the family business so pottery took a back seat for a while, but the love of working with clay drew me back and over the years I went to many other classes including Wycombe and Marlow with Dot Pennicot, also Hanwell Community Centre, Borough College Isleworth, and Spring Gardens Wycombe with Glen Etienne.

In 1995 I semi retired and then had time to pursue my pottery more seriously. I set up my studio in the garden and purchased a wheel and kiln and spent two years on the all day Studio Pottery Course at East Berks College tutored by John Lomas. John was very generous with his knowledge of clay and glazes and I was able to learn a great deal from him. I gradually built up a range of my own pots and started to exhibit locally. Joining Marlow Art & Crafts Society and Bucks Pottery & Sculpture Society enabled me to start selling my work and I was also invited to other art sales and exhibitions.

Since 1998 I have taken part in Bucks Open Studios every year an interesting but quite challenging event, I hope you enjoy looking at examples of my work in the gallery section, similar can be made if already sold.

Maxwell Cowlin holding one of his pots